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Tour #1 Sightseer’s Tour

Sightseer's Tour
Duration: 90-100 mins

Schedule: *7:00, 8:00, 9:30, **11:30, 13:30, 15:30 & *16:30
*March through September

Cost: Adult: $40.00
         Child: $30.00 (8-12yrs)
         Child: $22.00 (3-7yrs)
         Child: 2 & under free 
**11:30: Adult $50.00
            Child: $40.00 (8-12yrs)
            Child: $32.00 (3-7yrs)
            Child: 2 & under free

Prices on mobile site include the Navajo Park fee of $8.00 (per person) and taxes but does not include gratuity.
Navajo Park fee and taxes subject to change.

All tours are into the Upper Antelope Canyon.

Both tours are you more than welcome to take all the photos you wish so long it's for personal use only - if you plan on shooting photos for commercial reasons you will need an additional permit from the Navajo Parks and Recreation before arriving.

We will be taking you to the canyon in our tour trucks, your vehicle will stay parked next to our office. The drive to the canyon involves 20 minutes (one direction) on both paved road and within a dirt wash - ride is some what bumpy but not too bad.

You are in a group from start to finish, rules from the Parks does not allow us to have you walk around the canyon without a guide - tour is a fully guided tour. Guided tours are helpful, not only to learn about the canyon, local history but also great to hear our guide's helpful advise on where to take your photos.

Cancellations Policy:
24 hours notice prior to date of tour or you will be charged the base rate per person.

All trips subject to availability and weather conditions.



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