Tour #2
Photographer's Tour
Upper Antelope Canyon


Designed for experienced to professional photographers Only. If you are looking for our standard tour, please see this page.   Limited seating; maximum 12 per day. Advance Reservations are required with our Tour #2.

While on tour our guide will be available to patrol traffic to the best of their abilities, depending on the conditions, and point out highlights of the canyon. Our Photo tours are not workshops, everyone must know their camera before arriving. Tour #2 does not explore additional areas of the Upper Antelope Canyon, we will be in the same canyon that we visit with our Sightseer's Tour. Tour #2 is extended time for a photographer to take more pictures. Also, this is not the only tour you can take photos on - you Can take photos on our Sightseer's Tour.

You will be inside the canyon for approximately 2 hours to photograph and experience the Upper Antelope Canyon (total time 160mins). There is no hiking or climbing involved, the canyon floor is level through and through which makes for easy walking. After your two hours in the canyon the guide will return you to Page Arizona.

Antelope Canyon Tours, Inc by Carolene Ekis is Navajo Indian Owned and is licensed by the Navajo Indian Tribe to offer tours into the Upper Antelope Canyon. Antelope Canyon is closed to the public and only accessible by tours.

Our tours into the Upper Antelope Canyon depart from our office located at 22 South Lake Powell BLVD in Page Arizona (right next to Pizza Hut).
Tours may be cancelled due to weather at the sole discretion of the tour operator.  If the tour is cancelled by the operator for weather, you will not be charged.

We could sell out weeks/months in advance.
(daily passenger limits)


Tour #2 - Photographic Tour

In-Season (March 1st to Oct 31st)
Departure times: 11:30 AM
1:30 PM (March 1st to Sept 30th) special groups only
                                            (minimum 6 persons required)
Off-Season (Nov 1st to Feb 28th/29th)
Departure times: 9:30 AM
(2 or more required)
                           11:30 AM special groups only (minimum 6 persons required)

Tour duration is 160 minutes
this includes travel time; 2 hours spent in the canyon


RATES 2017 (March 1st to October 31st):
Adult $108.00
(ages 13 years and up)
($100.00 + $8.00 Navajo Park fee: Total: $108.00)


01/01/17 to 02/28/17 & 11/01/17 to 12/31/17 Off-season rates

Photo Tour is only for adults, no children or babies.

Serious Photographers Only: Everyone on tour must have a camera and if at all possible a tripod. Those with only camera phones will be taken off the Photo Tour and place on our Sightseer's Tour at the same cost of Photo Tour - please do not book the photo tour because it is the only tour available.

Rates inclusive with: base fare, taxes and Navajo Park fee
Current Navajo Park entrance fee is $8.00
(Taxes & Navajo Park fee subject to change)


Book It!
this button will take you to a new site, it's the reservation system we use.

There is an additional booking fee, this fee is an additional 5% on top of the tour cost - Fee is Non-Refundable (Be sure you're 100% sure on the date you're booking).

Click this link to see our Cancellation Policy

No Photo Tours available during major holidays.
very busy, doesn't make for a good photo tour.

If you have thoughts on joining the Photo Tour because it was the only tour left, and if you are not a serious photographer we may downgrade you in our office at the cost of the Photo Tour (no refunds)

Dusty conditions: We advise to dress your camera in a rain jacket (not for actual rain) to avoid the falling sand that is thrown in the canyon. Changing your lens in the canyon is at your own risk - we are not responisble for damaged cameras.

Suggested Equipment to take along is a TRIPOD, small pen light to see your settings, extra memory/film, batteries, and remote/cable release.  We do rent tripods - reserve in advance if you wish for one. Bring drinking  water. One camera bag is allowed, the smaller the better. No selfie sticks allowed.

To view the beams of light coming down into the canyon, this is best from the months of mid-March through mid-September. Hence our  Photo Tour departing at 11:30 AM to see the shafts of light for the first hour (weather permitting). The second hour of our Photo Tour is a great time to capture the colors, more vibrant red, blues and purples. Other months in the year are still Great to photograph the canyon for the colors and the experience.

November 1st to February 28th/29th: Winter months our Photographic tour  departs at 9:30 AM. During these months the shaft of lights do not occur as the sun is traveling more over the southern  hemisphere. Colors during these months are more pastel (pinks, yellow,  peach and orange). We have the 11:30 AM Photo Tours available for special groups only - but we Highly suggest 9:30 AM for better colors/glow. Great time for the Abstract and black and white photography too, especially on a cloudy day.

Off season rates

-Will I visit additional locations on Photo Tour? No, only the Upper Antelope Canyon - the extra time on tour is used to take more photos for the serious photographers.
-Are there less people on this tour? On the tour itself Yes, in the canyon no - it is the same amount of people just a smaller group of serious photographers.
-Will my guide take pictures of me? Maybe 1 or 2 photos, we concentrate more on the canyon.
-Can I explore the canyon while my partner photographs? No, we have to maintain a group the entire time.

we also have our FAQ page






Tours will be available to the Vermilion Cliffs.

WhitePocket - no lottery drawing required for BLM permit. Minimum of 2 passengers, or 1 could pay for 2. 6 max per vehicle.

The Wave (North Coyote Buttes) - REQUIRES permit from the BLM. We are unable to obtain the permit for you. minimum of 2 required.

South Coyote Buttes - REQUIRES permit from the the BLM. We are unable to obtain the permit for you. minimum of 2 required.

Buckskin Gulch - Minimum of 2 passengers, or 1 could pay for 2. 6 max per vehicle.

Prices are still in the works; tour details in the final phases for public release - very soon. email for bookings - emails only, please no calls just yet.

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inquire about holidays.


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