photo by Ryan R.

White Pocket

Tour Duration: 8 hrs / Cost: Adults $200.00+tax; Children $180.00+tax (12 and under) children under 2 free. Ride in comfort in our SUV to White Pocket; once we arrive on-site we are there for a maximum of 3 hours. Time spent will be for exploration and photography. Lunch is include, hiking is involved, water is provided but we do encourage you to pack your own bag with water and items you may need whilst we're on tour.

This tour does not include Antelope Canyon.

Buckskin Gulch

Tour Duration: 7-8 hrs / Cost: Adults $250.00+tax+hiking permit; Children $200.00+tax+hiking permit (12 and under) - however I don't suggest this for small children. For experienced hikers - This hike does involve steep climbing up and down sandstone - which is also known as slick rock. Please know this is a rather demanding hike, strong legs and strong ankles required. We will explore the longest slot canyon known. Granted we may-not have enough time to explore all 16 miles but with 5-6 hours on-site there is much to be discovered, might have to walk through puddles, be ready for that. We Highly encourage packing your own pack with water and food, guides will carry some items, just in case.

Buckskin is very seasonal; mainly from May 1st to June 30th / and then again from Sept 1st to Oct 31st - you're more than welcome to submit a request - it is all weather depending - the Buckskin is prone to flooding year-round.

this tour does not include Antelope Canyon.


Thousand Pockets

Tour last 6-7 hours: Cost is $200.00+tax  adults; $180.00+tax  children (12 and under); children 2 and under free. more details coming.

We require two for the tour to go
if we do not reach two persons 7 days before we may have to cancel.
There is the option to pay for 2 spots too.

These tours do not include Antelope Canyon.


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