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Quick Details

All Tour Times We Do Not have a waitlist
Adult Ages 8 & older
Child Ages 0-7
There is an additional $8 Navajo Park Fee for those aged 8 & older plus surcharges


This tour offers you a fully guided walk into the Upper Antelope Canyon. Guided tours are required to visit this gem, so don’t miss this opportunity!

There is plenty of time for everyone to take photos on this tour and also enough time for you to experience the canyon. Check-in time is 30 minutes prior to tour time.
From our office, we will then transport you to the canyon in our open-air, four-wheel-drive, tour trucks [Click here for example] (your vehicle stays at our office location), the drive to the Antelope canyon is 20 minutes, the ride out is mildly bumpy.

Once we arrive at the canyon, you will be guided through the iconic sandstone walls, shaped by years and years of water and wind. Our tour guide will show you places through the canyon to take memorable photos, tell you some history of the canyon, and some local history.
The walk through the canyon is a good 1/4 mile, once we’ve reached the end of the canyon we will then proceed to hike around the canyon – this hike does involve soft sand, stairs, and ramps, best to wear closed-toe shoes. With the new hike we’re walking a total of 3/4’s of a mile. We will be in the elements so be prepared for hot summers (temps can reach 100F+) or cold winters, dress for the weather!! Bring water, we hope to see you soon.

We are open year-round. | 7 days a week.

Tours run 90-100mins from start to finish, 40 mins of which is driving time to and from. Transportation is provided by use, using our tour trucks.

Advance reservations are required, we can sell out far in advance.
Reserve your Antelope Canyon tours online today.
Sorry but we do not maintain a wait list, keep checking the calendar to see if something opens up.

2021 Season


7:50 a.m., 9:50 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m.
during the orange, yellow, green phases we have to abide by these alternative tour times.

ORIGINAL DEPARTURE TIMES: *7:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., & 3:30 p.m.
Tours are offered year-round, except for the *7:00 a.m. tour, which is only offered during Spring & Summer seasons.
*Click “Check Availability” to see more info about lighting conditions during the different seasons & also for more general tour information.

We now use a one-way system through the canyon – those joining the tour will need to complete the hike up and over a hill. To get a better idea of the hike involved, scroll down to the bottom of this page and watch our video.
From where we park our trucks, we walk into the canyon at ground level, there are no hills and no stairs to enter the canyon – the 1st portion is easy – it’s after we’ve walked through the canyon, in order to return where we parked the truck, we must hike, in total, from start to finish 3/4’s of a mile (1200 meters). Everyone must be able to complete the hike, no one can turn around and or stop part of the way, must make the full hike – take this into consideration. 


  • Do not bring: Selfie sticks, tripods, strollers, drones, pets or service animals. We have a limit of One (1) backpack per family / group.
  • Dusty conditions: We advise you to dress your camera in a rain jacket (not for actual rain) to avoid the falling sand that is thrown in the canyon. Changing your lens in the canyon is at your own risk – we are not responsible for damaged cameras.
  • Weather: Please check out the expected weather at least 2 or 3 days prior to arrival, and be prepared for weather that can be either cold or hot. Come with layers. Bring plenty of water – small hydration packs are best.
  • Children: If you are unable to add a child between 0-7 years old it is due to the fact that we have reached the carrying capacity for children with car seats. Our truck design limits the number of children requiring car seats.
  • Strict Passenger Limits: Please book the exact number of persons joining the tour, including children of all ages. If you arrive in our office needing seats for more people, we will not be able to squeeze them on tour. Be sure to book far in advance, as we do sell out. With Daily passenger limits we cannot add more seats to a tour that does not have enough seats.
  • MASK MANDATE: The Navajo Reservation has a mask mandate, Everyone two (2) years and older has to wear a mask – covering the nose and mouth – face shields are not allowed. It is likely this mask mandate will last all of 2021 – if you cannot or do not want to wear a mask we kindly ask you revisit our tour when the Navajo Nation no longer has a mask mandate.
  • Photographic Tours are no longer available, 2019 was the last of photographic tours to Upper Antelope Canyon. Plenty of great photos can be taken on the Sightseer’s Tour, keep in mind it’s all hand-held photography, no tripods or monopods.