Tour #1 Sightseer's Tour

Come with your guide to a spectacular petrified sand dune, created by wind, water and sand, presenting a sculptured masterpiece. Nothing can describe this work of Mother Nature. Experiencing this beauty will leave you breathless.

Our trips to the Upper Antelope Canyon last 1 hour and 30/40 minutes. You will travel  in our 4-wheel drive tour truck to the mouth of the Canyon. From there  you will come off the tour truck and walk into the canyon with the driver who doubles as your tour guide. We enter the canyon at ground-level, walking within the canyon walls  looking upwards of 100-130 feet to the top. There is no hiking or  climbing involved, only an easy walk on a sandy Canyon floor which is  level for the most part. You will have up to  50/60 minutes on your tour  to take snap shots of the canyon, hear some history and also time for you to enjoy the  beauty. Then you will return to our office in Page, AZ in the same tour truck, same driver.

If you are a photographer looking for more time at the canyon, please consider our Extended Tour.

Your Navajo guide will show you great places to make photographs and you explore this awe-inspiring wonder.



Tour #1 - Sightseer's Tour Times

Departure time: *7:00, 8:00, 9:30, 11:30 AM**, 1:30 & *3:30, *4:30 PM (*subject to availability of light in winter months).

Adult $40.00 inclusive (ages 13 and up)
Child $30.00 inclusive (ages 8 to 12)
Child $22.00 inclusive (ages 3 and 7)

Children 2 and under free.

**11:30 AM rates

Adult $50.00 inclusive (ages 13 and up)

Child $40.00 inclusive (ages 8 to 12)

Child $32.00 inclusive (ages 3 to 7)                    
Children 2 and under no fees
(includes = Tour fare, Taxes and Navajo fee included)

Off-season tour information is located here.

All trips subject to  availability and weather conditions Departure times may vary with the  season. Do not be late for tour - We have to leave on our scheduled tour times, sorry to say but we are not able to wait for you. Cash,  Traveler's Check, Master Card, American Express,  Discover or VISA accepted for payment.

Suggested equipment to  take along is a penlight, extra memory, batteries, and or film.   Monopods work great on the Sightseer's Tour, we suggest those with  tripods and those that wish to make a timed exposure image, please  schedule our Photographer's tour.  Bring drinking water.

For more information or reservations, e-mail tours@antelopecanyon .com.

"All tours are into the Upper Antelope Canyon."



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