Upper Antelope Canyon

While on tour our guide will be available to patrol traffic to the best of their abilities, depending on the conditions, and point out highlights of the canyon. Our Photo tours are not workshops, everyone must know their camera before arriving. Tour #2 provides the maximum time we are allowed to be inside the canyon for - 2 hours to photograph and experience the Upper Antelope Canyon (total time 160mins). There is no hiking or climbing involved, the canyon floor is level through and through which makes for easy walking. After your two hours in the canyon the guide will return you to Page Arizona. During the Summer months we can experience highly volume of visitors so be prepared for that.

Reservations Recommended

With passenger limits, we highly suggest booking a tour in advance. Some of our tours can sell out weeks or months in advance.

Departure times & cost:

In-Season: Departure times: 11:30 AM; 1:30 PM ( 1:30 pm reserved for special groups only - minimum 6 persons required)
Off-Season: (November through February: Departure times: 9:30 AM (2 or more required); 11:30 AM ( 2 or more required).

Tour duration is 160 minutes (max 2 hours spent in the canyon) 

RATES 2017 & 2018
Adult $108.00 (ages 13 years and up)
No children on photo tour.
Rates inclusive with tour cost, taxes, Navajo Park entrance fee but does not include gratuity.

OPEN YEAR ROUND: Off-Season rates available


Before You arrive


No Photo Tours available during major holidays.
Very busy, doesn't make for a good photo tour.

Dusty conditions: We advise to dress your camera in a rain jacket (not for actual rain) to avoid the falling sand that is thrown in the canyon. Changing your lens in the canyon is at your own risk - we are not responsible for damaged cameras.

Serious Photographers Only: Everyone on tour must have a camera (mirrorless or SLR), a tripod is very helpful. Those with only camera phones will be taken off the Photo Tour. Please do not book the photo tour because it is the only tour available. 

Suggested Equipment to take along is a TRIPOD, small pen light to see your settings, extra memory/film, batteries, and remote/cable release, water.  We do rent tripods - reserve in advance if you wish for one. One Camera Bag or Backpack is allowed, the smaller the better. No selfie sticks allowed.

Cancellation Policy

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