Yes we are Open Year-Round

there are daily passenger limits and we can sell out.

The Calendar reflects our TRUE AVAILABILITY - if a tour time is marked sold out, we are SOLD OUT.


Discount is for Everyone
Rates reduced 25% (off base fare; cannot discount park fee)
(valid for dates visited between JAN 1st to JAN 31st 2019)

Check in 30 minutes prior.

--Full Payment is taken at completion of booking--

Antelope Canyon Tours (this is us) provides tours in Upper Antelope Canyon

The $8.00 Navajo Park entrance fee is Included in the cost (only applies to those 8 years and older).

The only wait-list we maintain is created on the day of, the odds of getting on tour are low if we are sold out.

Due to passenger limits we cannot add more seats
we do not maintain a cancellation list.

If you are unable to add a child between 0-7 years old it is due to the fact that we have reached the carrying capacity for children with car seats.

Everyone counts towards our passenger limits, be sure you include all persons in your reservation - this includes children of ALL ages - if you do not book a tour for them there is no tour for them.


Cancellation Policy.

Customers will receive a full refund if given 48+ hours notice of cancellation prior to visit. Customers will also receive a full refund in case of operator cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Contact us by phone to cancel or inquire about a cancellation. If you do not show for your tour - No refunds.

A reduction in numbers: we will refund the tour cost but the 6% booking fee is non-refundable. Only a complete cancellation yields a *full refund.

*full refunds are only available if we are refunding the **Same Card**(carrier) used for booking. If you changed card carriers this will change the conditions for refund - we would only be able to refund 80% of the charge.

 All tours are into the Upper Antelope Canyon