Upper Antelope Canyon

Our trip to the Upper Antelope Canyon last 90-100 minutes from start to  finish. You will depart from our office to the Canyon in our 4-wheel drive Tour Truck, the drive to the canyon from our office takes 20 minutes (40mins total drive time, rest is canyon time). Upon arrival you will get off the Tour Truck and walk into  the canyon with your tour guide(driver). You will have up to 50/60 minutes on the tour, with this time you can take pictures, hear some local history and time for you to enjoy the beauty. To enter the canyon is Very easy - we just simple walk right in (ground level). There are no heights involved, we will be looking upwards - the canyon walls are up to 100 ft.

Departure Times & Cost:

Tours depart Daily:
*7:00, 8:00, 9:30, **11:30, 13:30, 15:30 *16:30  *offered mid-March to mid-October

In-Season Rates:
Adult $45.00 (ages 13 & up)
Child $35.00 (ages 8-12 years)
Child $27.00 (ages 3-7 years)
Children 2 and under free.

**11:30 AM rates:
Adult $58.00 (ages 13 years & up)
Child $48.00 (ages 8-12 years)
Child $40.00 (ages 3-7 years)
Children 2 and under no fees

Rates inclusive with tour cost, taxes, Navajo Park entrance fee but does not include gratuity. There is a 5% booking fee on-top of rates - booking fee is non-refundable.

Off-Season rates available November through February.


Before you Arrive:

Suggested equipment: Water (hands free-carrier), extra memory, batteries, and or film. Monopods are ok (no tripods).

Dusty Conditions: The canyon floor is sandy, we don't suggest changing your camera lens inside the canyon - the dust can enter your camera; we are not responsible for damaged cameras.

  -No tripods. Only on the Photographer's Tour (serious photographers).
  -No Selfie Sticks.
  -No backpacks or large bags allowed on tour: diaper bags are an exception but Must remain in the Tour Truck while on tour.

Cancellation Policy

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