Upper Antelope Canyon

Our Tours into the Upper Antelope Canyon have a tour duration of 90-100 minutes; this consists of the drive to the canyon which takes 20 minutes (each direction); we spend roughly 50/60 minutes at the canyon. 

Our Tours departs from 22 South. Lake Powell BLVD in Page, Arizona - we provide the transportation to the canyon with our 4-wheel drive Tour Trucks. Once we have arrived we will come off the truck and walk inside the canyon, with your tour guide (driver).  You can take pictures, hear some local history and most important admire the beauty of Antelope Canyon.

To walk through the canyon is Very Easy - we just simple walk right in at ground level. There are no heights involved, no ladders. Summers are hot and Winters are cold so dress appropriately.  The title "Sightseer's Tour" does not imply you cannot take photos - You Can take all the photos you want while on tour.


Reservations Required

Due to Passenger Limits: It would be wise to book your reservations weeks or Months in advance. If you are traveling during the holidays it will be Very busy and we will already be sold out if you arrive without reservations - be sure to plan ahead.

Departure Times & Tour Cost:

Daily Departure times:
7:00, 8:00, 9:30, **11:30, 13:30, 15:30
(7:00 is offered Spring and Summer seasons)

Discounted rates in January 2020

Rates for 2019: 
Adult $60.00 (ages 13 & up)
Child $50.00 (ages 8-12 years)
Child $42.00 (ages 0-7 years)

**11:30 AM rates:
Adult $75.00 (ages 13 years & up)
Child $65.00 (ages 8-12 years)
Child $57.00 (ages 0-7 years)


2020 Rates:
Persons aged 8yrs+    $62.00 ($54.00 + $8.00 park entrance fee)
Persons aged 0-7yrs   $44.00 (no park entrance fee)

**11:30 AM rates:
Persons aged 8yrs+    $77.00 ($69.00 + $8.00 park entrance fee)
Persons aged 0-7yrs   $59.00 (no park entrance fee)

RATES INCLUDE  Navajo Tribal Park entrance fee and local taxes.
There is an additional credit card fee & booking fee on-top of rates
please visit our FAQ to review our cancellation policy (48+hrs
 notice for full refund)


Before you Arrive:

Suggested equipment: Camera!, extra memory, batteries, and or film, Water (refer to FAQ for approved methods/devices to carry water).

Dusty Conditions: The canyon floor is sandy, we don't suggest changing your camera lens inside the canyon - the dust can enter your camera; we are not responsible for damaged cameras.

November 1st 2019 we will start using the enclosed vans.

Advance reservations are required year-round.
Please check-out our calendar for availability.

  • NO tripods.
  • All persons need a guaranteed seat (including babies).
  • NO  Selfie Sticks.
  • NO bags, no purses; we are OK with small fanny packs.
  • no strollers, they don't work on the soft sand and they take up too much space in the narrow sections of the canyon.
  • No hydration packs.
  • No tripods on the Sightseer's Tour
  • No Drones
  • No pets or service animals on tour.

More info available on the FAQ (Click LINK)

Cancellation Policy (Click LINK)

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Rates and fees subject to change